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🎉 Introducing our Dual 10″ Rechargeable Party Speaker with an electrifying Casino Style Light Show! Get ready to turn up the volume and set the mood with its cutting-edge WaveSync™ Technology and immersive audio experience. The Sound Activated Casino LED Light offers 7 mesmerizing lighting modes, creating a trendy and vibrant atmosphere . With versatile connectivity options including Bluetooth, USB, TF, and AUX inputs, this speaker lets you play your favorite tunes effortlessly. Its portable design, complete with trolley handle and wheels 🚀, allows you to take the party wherever you go. Elevate your gatherings with the powerful sound and captivating visuals of our Dual 10″ Rechargeable Party Speaker, guaranteed to leave a lasting impression! 🎇

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Revolutionize Karaoke Parties with the Dolphin KP380 Portable Karaoke Speaker

The Dolphin KP380 is the ultimate portable karaoke party speaker. With its unique design and advanced light show, it’s sure to impress your friends and family. But the real magic lies in its powerful 3 x 8″ woofers and 1″ tweeter, delivering unbeatable sound quality that will make any karaoke performance shine. Whether you’re singing in your living room or performing on stage, the KP380 is the perfect choice. Take the party anywhere with its built-in Bluetooth, USB/SD/FM connectivity, and convenient handle and wheels.


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Meet the Dolphin SPF-1212R Portable Party Speaker with full panel lights that dance with the beat of the music. The large 144Wh Battery allows you to play music for 8 Hours at 70% volume. The bright Full panel LED lights change color in 7 different preset patterns that you can choose from.

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Unleash the Party. All-New Full Panel Fire Light Speaker

The SPF-1010R is revolutionizing the music world with its unique full panel LED light show. The hi-fidelity lights react along to the music, creating an intimate and dynamic experience. With dual 10″ woofers and a 3″ tweeter, this speaker delivers powerful and clear sound. With Bluetooth, USB, Micro SD and FM connectivity, you can easily stream your favorite tunes. And with a 12V 12000mAh battery and easy portability, you can take the party anywhere.

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Rechargeable soundbar with blue LED accent lights, long lasting battery, and USB-C charging port. Perfect addition to a PC battle station or just listening to music around the house.

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The sleek Dolphin SNB-161R rechargeable soundbar has an alarm clock and LED lights which makes it a nice addtion to any space inside your home.

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This portable Bluetooth speaker includes premium sound components and a long lasting battery making it a versatile option for many uses. The sound activated LED light has multiple functions that you can choose from which change the pattern and the lights reaction to the music.

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